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AVG Antivirus is the best antivirus software and it is a great option if you want any essential virus security and secure yourself from any theft. It comes with advanced features to protect any devices and data stored into it. AVG Antivirus can simply download online from and protect your all devices including the computer, Tablet, Laptop, Smartphone etc with Windows, Mac, iOS or Android OS.

AVG has adopted a different strategy by producing various antivirus applications for computers and mobile phones. AVG’s first antivirus app for Android devices is AVG AntiVirus Pro, which is developed to offer a pack of anti-theft and privacy-protection tools for $14.99 per year. But to unlock the application’s full access you will have to download some extra applications. And to get a free support for any issues related to the app, you can contact the support team at

AVG Antivirus Setup and Interface in Android Device​

You can also install the free version of AVG AntiVirus easily. After installing the application from Google Play, AVG asked you to create an account using an email address and password. You will get the confirmation email with a code, and your app is ready to run. Now to upgrade the application, you have to add the activation code in App confirmation or license tab and you can enjoy your AVG Antivirus Pro version.

When you create an AVG account, it gives you a 30-day trial for AVG AntiVirus Pro, which adds privacy protection and anti-theft characteristics by offering an app locker, SIM-card-replacement security and a camera trick that allows you view who’s attempting to crack into your device. The trial version of AVG AntiVirus Pro has some disturbing advertisements in the home screen, which should end if you upgrade it to complete paid version of the app. And if you found this hard, then contact AVG team at

AVG's user interface is simple, natural and user-friendly. As you can see in the screenshot there are four buttons like​






This each menu button has a submenu with extra tools and options. Each submenu also presents context-specific data, like the figure of blocked calls in the Privacy menu etc.

In the bottom of the screen, you see a status indicator that allows you to understand if your device is preserved or in danger. You can also see a “Scan Now” button that starts a system scan, and a “Protect another device” button that directs you to the Google Play store for downloading the AVG Zen, which is a free Android app and allow us remotely scan our Android devices.

In the main home screen, you can see an Upgrade button which leads you to the Google Play Store to get AVG AntiVirus Pro, and 3 dots opens a menu with some options like Follow Us, Upgrade and Help. While menu in the left side of the screen shows My Account, Manage Devices, Enter Invitation Code, More AVG Apps, About and Help buttons.

Anti-Theft and Data Protection Features

With this features, AVG allows you remotely lock the device, clear its data, find it via GPS or make it do a loud alarm sound by sending a text message to the device with the particular command with a password if you lost your device or it may be stolen. You can know more about it by downloading or getting directions of using it at 82%
AVG Retail 94% 94%
Avg Retail Registration 90%

AVG Antivirus Secure VPN

How Can AVG Antivirus Secure VPN? AVG Antivirus must have been providing comprehensive protection to your device, but it runs well until the time it is not receiving any technical error. Hence, it can be said that although it is entitled to simple scanning and strong functionality and you can get it from simply.

AVG is a famous name in the web, mobile, laptop, desktop, Mac or computer safety industry. It is produced in 1991 and AVG Technologies has continued fit to the Cybersecurity. AVG provides a kind of privacy and protection solutions to users worldwide. Newly the famous tech company began AVG Secure VPN. Just like any typical VPN, AVG Secure VPN is essentially intended to give security to internet connection by encrypting it. AVG Secure VPN gives security, anonymity and free access to the internet.
With AVG Secure VPN you are assured that your private data like Email ids, passwords, banking data, and debit/credit card data are protected. Also, your location resides incognito, and you can use content regardless of your place. As we are using the internet, we could be having an antivirus on our device to simply for our safety.

AVG Secure VPN Features:
AVG Secure VPN features are wonderful in almost every phase and it uses Advanced Encryption Security (AES) 256-bit encryption on OpenVPN, so you can share your sensitive data normally. The AVG VPN is congruous with all the significant platforms covering Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android OS. AVG Secure VPN helps peer-to-peer (P2P) connection in servers located in various places like Amsterdam, New York, Seattle, Sao Paulo, Miami, Frankfurt, Prague, etc. It has 29 servers in 21 countries and it ensured that internet connection rate is assured, particularly if you are placed near to the country where the servers are hosted. From them, 7 of the servers are available in the USA. It offers unlimited license per device at 21 server locations and it has not logs policy. It has P2P connections and 29 IP addresses.

AVG Secure VPN Privacy and Protection
AVG Secure VPN is designed with high-level like military-level security and their such reliable safety featured by extraordinary features like an AES-256 bit on OpenVPN. AVG Secures VPN use certificate authentication and SSL certificate for assuring our data security Though, it is not an assurance as AVG looks to run from the USA generally, although it is an element of Avast group located in Amsterdam.

AVG VPN customer support
AVG Secure VPN has so many options to get client support services for 24/7. There is also an option of live chat on AVG VPN at So, when you generate a support ticket, you will get a response and resolution for your service regarding problems. So contact the AVG Support Phone Number team now, by email or call or chat.

Whatever your device, we’ve got you covered